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One of the finest vinyl fence products made in America.

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Illusions vinyl fence …. the official fence of beautiful yards everywhere!

Illusions vinyl fence products are fabricated with 100% pure virgin vinyl and meet or exceed the rigid specifications of  ASTM F964-13. Extruded here in the United States under extremely strict quality control measures which ensure your Illusions vinyl fence will last many years. There are brands of vinyl fence panels that are made from a broad variety of recycled plastic materials known as ‘re-grind’. However, PVC is a difficult material to recycle, it cannot used in large amounts without ruining the rest of the materials being recycled. Every component of a vinyl fence panel needs strength. Illusions™ 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl fence parts have inherent structural integrity to provide a more durable product with a longer life. Illusions posts are installed hollow and concrete is added around them whereas some home improvement chain store vinyl posts require a wooden insert for stability


Illusions vinyl fence enjoys a solid reputation as one of the foremost manufacturers of high quality fence materials in the Northeast. Poor quality vinyl fence panels and fence posts will start to disintegrate, lose color, and snap off at the base. It doesn’t matter if the bottom rail is fat, skinny, or has a thin piece of metal reinforcement. So, unless it is a guaranteed, certified, and time tested quality virgin vinyl fence the way Illusions™ fence panels are, you could be wasting your hard earned money.

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 We are great proponents of recycled products, but a fence needs structural integrity for it to perform well. This can only be provided with 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl construction like Illusions™ fence panels. Therefore, all the profiles that go into the Illusions™ line of PVC fencing are made from extrusions using advanced chemistry and state of the art proprietary tooling and manufacturing equipment. The Grand Illusions Color Spectrum SeriesIllusions™ Vinyl Woodbond, Illusions™ Vinyl Railing Systems or the Illusions™ Classic line are manufactured to the same standards.  Since all of the polyvinyl components that go into any of the Illusions™ Vinyl Fence products are constructed of scientifically formulated 100% virgin co-extruded PVC compounds they meet ASTM specification F964-09. Most importantly, are no reprocessed fillers added to weaken or compromise color and structural stability in any of the Illusions™ vinyl product line.


Please take a minute to look over our ‘Products’ page to see the other high quality fence materials and supplies we carry. As an Illusions™ fence dealer you can contact us to request quote; we are your most reliable source for retail sales of Illusions™Vinyl Fence. Do-it-yourself Illusions™ fence installation assistance is only a phone call away! You can also visit our ‘HowTo’ page and download a photo illustrated PDF describing our Illusions™ vinyl fence installation techniques.      can deliver or ship Illusions fence panels, Illusions™ welded corner vinyl gates, fence posts, fence post caps – all the Illusions accessories. Illusions fence repair or replacement parts as well as Illusions™ Vinyl railing sections can be sent anywhere in the USA. Call our toll free number, 866.415.6609 or send an email to – [email protected]. If you order before noon Monday through Thursday, in stock Illusions™ fence panels and other Illusions™ fence supplies can be in your driveway by the end of the next day.

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The value of Illusions vinyl fence is beyond comparison and it is offered in every conceivable style. Plus,…… every bit of it is made right here in America. Illusions vinyl fence is manufactured at a ‘State of the Art’ facility with the most impressive quality controls in the industry! Every single Illusions fence product is made using 100% virgin vinyl that meets ASTM 964-09 standards. The coveted endorsement of the Vinyl Manufacturers Association gives you confidence that you’ve invested wisely.

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