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Why buy from profencesupply.com?

"Customer satisfaction!"

No Nonsense Pricing: We offer you our professional grade fence products at the best price right from the start. Period. Your time is valuable and having you spend it shopping around for a better deal that we can match is like saying “We would have taken advantage of you if you had given us the chance”. We think that type of policy is offensive to the customer and not a good way to establish trust.


We Sell Experience: We carry only select, high quality professional grade fence products and we sell only the material we have firsthand experience with based on our years in the installation business. We sell the products with the best fit and finish that we know will provide the protection and performance you deserve. We wouldn’t sell you something we wouldn’t use ourselves or expect you to settle for anything less.


We Specialize: We sell only fence and fence related outdoor products. This is not a side-line to another business. We don’t have other sites that sell window treatments or bookcases and electronic games. We sell what we know and we know fence. The service doesn’t end with the sale. A qualified and experienced installer is always available to talk with you about our professional grade fence products that they have personally worked with.


Family Owned And Operated: Many people already know that quality employees are a rare commodity. At bigger operations, employees come and go without regard for the future of the business. They’re just there for the paycheck. You may have seen it yourself at the big box chain stores or in dealings on the Internet; employees that the company claims are more knowledgeable than they really are. The lifeblood of any business is a satisfied customer and nobody works harder than an owner and their family. Remember, people can be trained to answer questions but there is simply no substitute for ‘hands on’ experience.

The only thing more important than helping someone before making the sale is helping them after!

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