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Product Guide: Vinyl Deck Railing

Installing a deck and railing can turn an outdoor space into an extension of the home.

Materials for these outdoor living spaces are very similar to the materials that are available for fencing, including; wood, vinyl and composite materials. Vinyl provides easy maintenance and is made in just about every color

Deck railings are the unit placed at the edge of your decking for both aesthetic and safety purposes. Some points to consider when planning deck railings include:
Deck Railings Product Guide

  • Aesthetic appeal – Will the materials chosen blend in with your house and/or yard?
  • Durability – You want both the deck – and its railings – to last a long time. What materials work best with the environment and your life style?
  • Safety – A deck railing’s purpose is to ensure safety; your children, guests or visitors may need them to prevent injury. Various regulations include spindle width and railing height, and there is usually an entirely different set of regulations for pool deck railing. Railings should not be climbable and must meet certain strength ratings. For decks 30 inches above grade; is the railing system safety certified by an independent source?

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